Refrigeration solutions based on thermosyphons

Innovation in refrigeration

The thermosyphon is a simple device, without moving parts, that can transfer large amounts of heat with maximum energy efficiency.

What do our solutions consist in?

ALAZ ARIMA’s cooling solutions are based on the phase change of a fluid to evacuate heat efficiently and without electricity consumption, using devices called thermosyphons. A thermosiphon is a device that allows the transfer of heat from one place to another, with an equivalent thermal conductance, better than that of any other known element. They are often called “heat superconductors” since they have a high capacity and heat transfer rate with almost no losses.

A basic thermosyphon would be a sealed tube, inside which a fluid executes a phase change between two differentiated ends as an evaporator located at the bottom and a condenser located at the top. If we apply heat in the evaporator area, where the fluid is in the liquid phase, it will boil, becoming vapor and rising due to its lower density to the condenser, where it will give up its latent heat, transforming into liquid again, which will return to the evaporator due to the action of gravity. This movement of a fluid due to the difference in densities is called the thermosiphon effect.

Thermosyphons are passive systems, without moving parts, that operate without the need for electrical power, do not require maintenance and have a useful life of more than 30 years. In refrigeration they are used to move heat from restricted or densely packed areas to areas with colder air or more volume where air-cooled heat sinks can be arranged.

We are driven by optimization, efficiency
and reliability

Cooling systems

We design high-performance cooling solutions applicable mainly to the renewable energy sector such as Photovoltaic Solar Energy and Wind Energy, as well as Electric Mobility.

Working fluids

Our fluids are selected to meet the most demanding applications in the most hostile environments:

Custom development

Continuous research

Respectful towards the environment

Long useful life

How they act

Working fluids

Our facilities

We have facilities equipped to validate our developments in the most unfavorable operating conditions.


We carry out tests in our own facilities to certify the performance of the developed solutions in different operating conditions.


In continuous innovation to meet the most demanding refrigeration needs. Our fluids are selected and customized to meet the most severe demands, being totally respectful of the environment and current regulations.


Refrigeration systems are made up of an evaporator, in which the heat is collected, a sink where the heat is evacuated, and flexible pipes that connect them together, to allow the circulation of the fluid. This makes disconnection feasible, using quick fittings or plugs, greatly facilitating assembly and maintenance tasks.


Customized systems to meet operating needs. High reliability and low temperature dispersion on the surface of the component provide great value to the most demanding applications.

Our results

Data from our tests

Inspired by simplification. Perfected by science.


No moving parts


Without power supply


Without maintenance

*Tests carried out in a climatic chamber at 40º C.